Friday, July 11, 2014

Road to Final : Argentina vs Netherlands. Penalty drama.

I'm a bit losing memory about the match yesterday, but it got me have sleep marathon since 7 am in the morning until 3-4 pm. Ah, I remember. I yelled in full enthusiasm when Argentina's victory have been confirmed. And Romero, hell yeah Sergio Romero, you are awesome!!
I prepared my Pepsi and Lay's with Messi's photograph on the wrapper. Of course I'm counting on his magic movements so Argentina will win.

I always like Netherlands' national song, along with Germany and England. Feels classy and elegant :D
The main referee is from Turk and I know he will play neutral. When Messi and Van Persie shook hand before the match begin, man, that was contrast. Messi, you just a few centimeters higher than me, but how come you could be so dangerous for goal keepers and defenders? -_-
Another silly concern from me, I think Alejandro Sabella and Louis Van Gaal have the same... appearance. I couldn't clearly describe it, and I don't know where part is that but they're look alike. Except for their behavior during the match, Sabella likes to stand up and walk here and there while Van Gaal likes to sit down with other coaches.

Game started. Argentina were taking initiative in offensive way, but Van Gaal piled up, I don't know precisely but I thought it was 4-5 defenders -_-
The dangerous movements by Arjen Robben and Jordy Clasie made my heart beats rapidly. Gosh, I was afraid they will shoot a goal!
Mascherano fell because of one deadly head hit with De Jong (unpredictable, of course) and I was worried that he won't be able to continue. Fortunately, he could back to the field.
Messi and Garay tried to score a goal, but well, none. Ugh! Cillessen was great!
Martins Indi got yellow card. He deserved it! :v

Commentator said that Netherlands always play aggresive at the second half. Made me surprised because they really played like that. Ball possession went to Netherlands with 53% and Argentina 47%. I must admit, their passes were slightly like Spain at 2010. Team which have passes like that always score a goal -_-
Argentina played defensively and I don't know whether in second half or the additional time, Mascherano made a brilliant savings when Robben was dribbling close to the goal post. "Man, that guy in yellow shoes!" my dad said. Though there are some in the field wearing yellow shoes, I know he meant Mascherano.

Sergio Aguero and Palacio (I got my hands itches to pull his hair, that was kinda.. annoying -_-) were in replacing Higuain and Perez. Why Higuain? I grumbled. Again, Robben and Clasie. Clasie got the ball, then he passed it to Robben or Schneider. Aaagh if they were ants I will hit my TV screen so they will stop their attack -_-
Van Persie also made one touch near the goal post but it also blocked. Still 0-0.

Additional time felt longer than the normal time. That was impossible because normal half twice longer than the half of additional time, but it really felt longer. Maybe because both team played more aggressive, of course for the goal. People in the net said both team played carefully, but in my opinion was the opposite.
Van Persie wasn't harmful, not like usual, made him replaced by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (what a name!). As the time goes by since their match with Spain, I kept an eye for Huntelaar. He got powerful kick on his feet. Argentina also made a replacement for Lavezzi (he's great) with Maxi Rodriguez. Lavezzi looked tired, and maybe Sabella were preparing Rodriguez for the penalty game.

Palacio and Rodriguez made two chances but still Cillessen with his guard and the match went to penalty game. Well, everything could happen in this part. Luck is one of the main requirement.

My dad said Romero was a number two goal keeper in AS Monaco, made me go pitapat because Argentina never have a penalty before while Netherlands once have it with Costa Rica. But wonderful!! He blocked the first shot from Ron Vlaar. Wooooooh!!! I yelled loudly!
Then Messi's turn. I wonder why he was put as the first kicker, but it clearly made the goal. I forgot who was the second kicker from Netherland but he was success. Was that Robben? Because the kick was fast and powerful, huh -_-
Garay was a success too. I really think that Argentina could win this.
Here came Wesley Sneijder. If he failed, that will be a big punch for Netherlands. He was my dad's favorite in Netherlands. I hope he will fail. And he failed! Romero blocked the goal!! Romeroooo!! Sorry Sneijder. You are a midfielder ace, that means if you success your friends will be relieved and gathered their confidence but if you failed, well, the opposite done :v
Aguero also succeed. But Kuyt succeed too, so the last hope were Maxi Rodriguez. He shot very hard, Cillessen blocked it but the ball bounced, hit the upper pole and went in, jarred the net.

I yelled. My dad applaused. I heard my neighbor yelled, too. 4-2 for Argentina. That was one dramatical match. In the end I saw Robben applaused while approaching his wife and I saw his child crying. Maybe he/she realized that his father and his friends failed to grab a ticket to final.

Romero became the man of the match, well he made critical savings at the penalty. He was the hero. But if I was able to give my own 'man of the match', I'll give it to Mascherano and Robben.
I added Mascherano and Marcos Rojo as my favorite player in this World Cup, along with Ochoa and Thiago Silva ^_^

Albiceleste and Der Panzer were often met each other in World Cup, especially at final. Last time, Germany won. I know Messi and friends won't let them do the same easily this time. Oranje and Selecao for the third place? Thiago Silva is back, that's a lot of improvement. Oranje? Oh, they will have a revenge. I know they're not satisfied with their lose.

The end of World Cup 2014 is near! How can I miss it?

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