Friday, July 11, 2014

Road to Final : Brazil vs Germany. Brazil crushed. Get well soon.

I typed this at break time, 9 July 2014 but delayed to post it because suddenly my dial-up connection out of quota. That time, I still have tiny strength on my fingers to type about the disaster. Let me give a little summary about the condition of both team before they're going to the semifinal. Thiago Silva missed next match yellow card accumulation. Neymar broke his bone and cannot join any match for 6-8 weeks. Brazil went to the semifinal bloody and wobbly while Germany perfect fit and well.

Scolari, I hope you will still able to find a job because you can't predict the worst scenario that you lost two pillars. And why don't you use Dani Alves? At least he won't let it FIVE-ZERO at 26'!!! I feel sorry Brazil, really sorry 'cause I feel the same when Spain lost 5-1 from Netherland. At least in the end of the game. This time, game hasn't over yet and score have been 5-0.

5-0. First half. Brazil. In such event like World Cup. Though it's Germany as the opponent, don't you think this is a little ...

I wonder what happened in the fitting room at break time. Joachim Lehw maybe in way telling his boys to hold on. How many people in yellow-green jersey crying right now? Well, I saw two showed by the camera.

Back then at Euro 2012 final, Casillas yelled to his boys to stop their offense because Italy need to be appreciated, especially Buffon. Maybe Neuer will do the same? I can't watch the match any longer, really, so I left my dad alone watching the rest. Brazil embarass the teams they beated on the previous matches. They lost their confidence since the second goal but I respect their persistency for still fighting 'til the end, they're the host after all. Get well soon, Brazil :'(

Man, Julio Cesar must be very depressed.

I predicted that Germany will score one more goal in the second half. But they scored two, and Oscar, blessed you man, gave one goal on 90'. You know, that one felt like a gift. I knew it from Facebook because like I said before, I didn't watch the match. I saw the end where Thiago Silva hugged his friend number 11, and then hugged David Luiz. Scored one goal at the very end means Brazil still fighting and give their best, but Germany wasn't an easy opponent at all. It's not okay, but it's over now so left all the regrets on the field and prepare for the 2018.

And that's it, Brazil 1-7 Germany at the semifinal. It left a deep wound for Brazil but I hope they could learn from it. Congratulation Deutschland, for making sure your path to the final match. Fresh, fit and well. They're ready for Argentina.

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