Sunday, September 6, 2015

How IT Evolution Freak Me Out, Honestly

Hi there! It's been a very, very long time since my last post here. Honestly, these last 5 months (since April, my latest post) have been busy, hectic which inspired me with many things and stories I really want to share here beside this one, but once I read about the changes of one internet giant, I think I should pay attention for that. Please, forgive my bad English, I'm still learning :D

So, how would you describe internet nowadays? Amazing, huh? I remembered my first time engaged with a tv-like shape (I didn't even know CPU was the 'real' brain, not the monitor) called computer. I was in my fourth or fifth grade of elementary school when my mom decided to buy it. Even my dad didn't have the idea how it works (believe me). Then I was the one who tinkering with it every time I had the chance, broke it countless times with many causes like overheating fan, incompatible RAM, broken motherboard. I don't even remember how many times it got to re-installed its system.

The first time I use internet was to play a free, flash-based online game. I didn't know anything else. Now I use internet to search for everything, like, everything. Find a place, a route, a phone number, a term, article, news, entertainment, etc. People know internet as they know lamp. I mean, no one will ever know internet in a place electricity doesn't exist. I took internet as an example to represent IT evolution. Information technology sure is a scary thing, in my opinion, it rules the world.
The next step of internet evolution. Taken from
Life is getting more and more dependent on technology. See, the picture above tells it. First we only use internet for communication, then it went to information and entertainment, developed to online services, social media which could be called second life, and now, it developed further to help controlling things. I could said that this is the evidence of another form of human evolution. How to say it, it amazes me, yet freak me out. Are we on the right track? Things like this hardly consider whether it's right or not, they just evolve from henceforth, and you can't stop it. Change, modification, development, derivative. You get what I mean?

People had already founded 3D printing machine. Well, now it maybe could only print small-sized stuffs for handycrafting or miniatures, but what if someday we could print M16, M1 rocket launcher/bazooka, even nuclear bomb with it? I just tried to predict the worst.
I think it's just the matter of time to wait for someone finally invented the future-thingy we saw in movies or read in books, maybe the AI-based robot, and the Doraemon stuffs. I just hope we won't end like those we saw in Wall-E, though they found new hope at last -______________-
Human are never satisfied. It goes on me, too.

I'm not ready for having micro memory card planted on my head so other people with supercomputer could see what I see, read my memories and thoughts, control my movements and have the information of my whole body even the blood flowing on my vessels.
I don't know, maybe it just me that couldn't follow the way it goes so fast while my thoughts still trying to get a grasp of where it may become. Maybe it just my lack of information that drives me scared. I'm not prepared yet to face the new era of men, which furtively begin.
Are you ready?

Monday, April 13, 2015

I thought it were mere dreams...
Have you been dreaming bad dreams? My friends said dreams are just dreams, they are just a decoration for our deep sleep. I always thought so, and every time people around me told me that they're having bad dreams, I told them it just mere dreams. Not a single meaning at all. I don't really believe in dream exegesis or something like that, but some of them are true.

I rarely have bad dream, almost all of my dreams are weird. Really weird. Mostly I could recall it just until I went to the bathroom, but if it were weird enough, I could recall it until next week. I once dreamed about Hogwarts, me and my friends were part of it, studying there. I know Harry Potter, but then came Aang from Nickelodeons' Avatar Legend of Aang, then Zuko appeared, followed by Spiderman. What is the meaning of that? I don't care. I still believe that dream were just dream until yesterday.

Yesterday I dreamed about Beelzebub characters. You know Beelzebub? It is a very popular manga in Japan, you may check it in every online manga provider. Yeah, I will go on pretending you know about the characters ._.

This is what happened in my dream : so there was a baby satan named Beelzebub, but he's cute in appearance yet very strong. He jumped in a big hole like a gate to hell then the main character, Oga Takumi, played as Beelzebub's stepfather, tried to catch him. He jumped as well too. Then there was a running scene in a long, tight, dark corridor, Oga tried to catch Beelzebub but he failed. Then suddenly there was a door, like jail door. Beelzebub turned to a girl I know, she's cute and innocent, yet a bit airhead, and she is a primadonna in campus. Not like I hate her or envy her or something, I was the first one recognized her beauty (for real). We are in the same organization and I found her nice. We go to the church together often, but I don't really close to her, let's just call her Nate. The Oga Takumi turned into me. 

We ran through the door and suddenly, very very sudden, appear into a park of an university near my house in my hometown. We ran like we're being chased by bunch if hungry tigers, lions, and crocodiles. But it was my father. We are running away from my father. I don't know why, but he tried to chase us. He looked very angry. I never wanted to see him mad even in my ugliest dream. He almost get us---and I woke up. Strange, isn't it?

I have a mid-semester exam that day. My friend said it was an "open-book" test, so he wanted to borrow my notes. I don't mind, I still have my hand book, I let him borrow it. Then I asked my test room invigilator whether it is an open-book test or not. He asked me if I had dream or not today, I said no, I lied I know. He said I must been having one, because it really is an open-book test. I'm so glad I brought my hand book. Nate didn't bring the book, she cried when the test over. Is it just a coincidence? I don't know...

Today my mom texted me, asking if my mid exam going well or not. Well, I've done it properly as far as I can, but it could still missed sometimes. I asked if the family there okay, she said my dad once sick because he had to prepare for his promotion on one assurance company (if he failed we have to pay 5 million, if he succeed, we got 20 million per month). What a sick gamble though, but that was his choice so I only could support and pray for him.

Okay then, I dreamed about Nate and dad in a very strange dream without any correlation, but both of them face problem the day after it. Mom said that it prove I have strong bond with family, but with Nate? Well, forget it. Maybe it just mere dreams...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tinju Pro : Pembagian Bobot Kelas dan Gelar Juara Dunia

Ada yang pernah baca komik Fight!! Ippo? Kalo versi internasionalnya sih Hajime no Ippo.Top banget lah komiknya, udah tembus 1000 chapter dan 100 volume tapi belum tamat juga.
ada yang bilang Naruto kayak sinetron, tamat di chapter 700. Lah ini apa coba? -_-
Komik ini tentang perjalanan karier seorang petinju bernama Makunouchi Ippo. Informasi tentang pembagian kelas ini pun saya dapat dari halaman paling belakang volume 40 :v

Jadi di dunia ini, ada tinju amatir dan tinju profesional. Kasarannya, tinju yang tidak dibayar dan yang berbayar. Untuk tinju amatir dilengkapi dengan headgear (singkatnya, helm empuk :v) dan sarung tangannya juga khusus ada peredam pukulannya. Tinju pro tidak menggunakan headgear. Ada pertandingan 4 ronde, 6 ronde, 8 ronde, 10 ronde, dan 12 ronde. Untuk semua pertandingan kelas dunia pakai yang 12 ronde.
Langsung aja sih, setiap cabang olahraga pasti ada kelas-kelasnya, supaya setiap pertandingan terasa adil :)
Berdasarkan kelas di atas, kalau dihitung-hitung saya masuk kelas ringan junior :v
Bicara tentang tinju Indonesia jelas yang kepikiran oleh saya adalah abang Chris John, juara dunia kelas bulu versi WBA 26 September 2003, bertahan selama 10 tahun sampai tahun 2013 kalah dari Simpiwe Vetyeka. Ada Ellyas Pical (juara dunia bantam junior IBF), Nico Thomas (juara dunia terbang junior versi IBF), Muhammad Rachman (juara dunia terbang junior versi IBF), Suwito Lagola (juara dunia welter versi WBF), dan Daud Jordan (juara dunia kelas bulu versi IBO). Tinju Indonesia ternyata keren, walau sekarang tinju sudah tidak terlalu digemari. Rasanya orang sudah tidak terlalu tertarik dengan ajang kompetisi olahraga. Yang masih eksis digemari secara global saya rasa tinggal sepakbola, itu pun kok rasanya gairahnya sudah menurun ya ._.

Mungkin bagi yang masih asing dengan topik ini bertanya-tanya, kenapa juara dunianya ada banyak versi. Berarti juara dunianya untuk tiap kelas ada banyak? Yup. Gelar juara dunia itu dianugerahkan dari badan-badan tinju internasional. Masing-masing punya juaranya sendiri, walau ada juga yang memberikan gelar pada petinju yang sama. Ada beberapa organisasi yang saya ketahui :
  1. WBA (World Boxing Association)
  2. WBC (World Boxing Council)
  3. WBO (World Boxing Organization)
  4. WBF (World Boxing Federation)
  5. IBF (International Boxing Federation)
  6. IBA (International Boxing Association)
  7. IBC (International Boxing Council)
  8. IBO (International Boxing Organization)
  9. WBU (World Boxing Union)
  10. IBU (International Boxing Union)
Di antaranya, menurut saya yang paling bergengsi adalah gelar dari WBA, WBC, dan IBF. Kenapa ada banyak organisasi dan banyak juara dunia? Enggak tau -_- Yang jelas selain persaingannya berat, anggarannya juga mahal (honor bertanding). Wajar sih, saling pukul mati-matian di atas ring, bisa aja mati lagi (ada banyak kasus petinju cacat permanen dan atau meninggal di atas ring). Mungkin banyak orang heran kenapa ada aja yang mau berantem, ada aturannya lagi, risikonya besar. Namanya juga olahraga, menjajal kemampuan atau sekadar menyalurkan tenaga yang berlebih, atau memang sudah telanjur suka.

Ada lagi satu badan tinju internasional yang saya tahu, yaitu OPBF (Oriental dan Pacific Boxing Federation), dari namanya bisa diketahui tingkatnya di bawah organisasi kelas dunia yaitu kawasan Asia dan Samudra Pasifik, tapi tetap saja bergengsi. Didirikan oleh komisi tinju Jepang, Filipina dan Korea, sekarang sudah memiliki 19 anggota yang meliputi Australia, Hawaii, hingga Cina, Selandia Baru dan Mongolia. Tentu saja Indonesia juga termasuk salah satu anggotanya. Untuk periode 2012-2015 ini juara dari masing-masing kelas didominasi petinju Jepang.

Lalu, bisakah seorang juara dunia mendapat gelar juara lebih dari satu badan organisasi? Bisa. Namanya unifikasi atau penyatuan gelar. Untuk bisa mendapat dua atau lebih gelar tentu harus bertanding dan menang lawan pemilik gelarnya. Ada juga beberapa kasus di mana organisasi itu sendiri yang memberikan gelar tanpa bertanding. Kalau berhasil memperoleh unifikasi, bisa mendapatkan gelar kehormatan Undisputed Champion (juara yang sudah tidak perlu dipersoalkan). Pokoknya no doubt lah buat juara yang berhasil unifikasi ini.
Undisputed Champion yang saya ketahui cuma beberapa : Jack Dempsey, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Leon Spinks, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Bob Foster, Michael Spinks, Sugar Ray Leonard, Robert Duran... dan sebenarnya masih ada banyak. Lengkapnya cek di sini. Chris John juga hampir unifikasi sebenarnya di pertandingan lawan Simpiwe Vetyeka :")

Yang jelas berarti buat kelas berat, mau beratnya 100 kg, mau 150 kg, 200 kg juga peduli amat gitu ya, tetep cus tanding? Kenapa ya nggak dibuatkan pengkelasan lagi untuk bobot di atas 100 kg, mungkin bisa dinamai Kelas Ekstrem, atau Ekstra Berat :v
Syukurlah petinju-petinju itu diasuransikan, maksudnya nggak boleh berantem dengan orang awam selain di atas ring (pertandingan resmi). Jadi hampir nggak mungkin kita menemui petinju yang berkelahi di jalanan, bisa mati lawannya. Kecuali, mungkin yang semacam street fighting resmi, favorit saya sih ajang UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) eyang Royce Gracie dengan brazilian ju-jutsu *_*
Petinju-petinju kelas bulu ke bawah badannya kecil dan ramping, nggak terlihat bertenaga tapi pukulannya kuat-kuat. Jadi mikir, dipukul Mike Tyson rasanya kayak apa ya ._.

Sumber :
Fight!! Ippo, Japanese Comic

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Phillipines Little Stars : Darren Espanto & Lyca Gairanod

Hi, it's almost a month since my latest post. Actually I have tons of things to be shared here in my dearly blog but I'm still choosing and considering what will I post next, but something I found about an hour ago really driving me in such passionate way to introduce you two children blessed with angel voice.

You may have guessed, maybe the blog owner wants to introduce her own country's talents--showing off--but I tell you that it is a big NO. These angel-voiced children don't belong to my country. They belong to my north neighbor country, the Phillipines. Darren Espanto and Lyca Gairanod, I really fall for you guys!

Lyca Trophy From PMPC.jpg
Lyca Gairanod
Darren Espanto
Wondering who are they? Before telling that, I would like to tell you about my accidental discovery of them.

About 12 pm the day before, I wanted to download Sistar's Hyorin Hello song. from the Korean drama My Love From Another Star (I just reached episode 16) and decided to download it.

I found it on a web along with the lyric. In order to find other new song, maybe, because I'm so lack of update to news and music. There are many weird titles on the web. I don't recognize the language used on most of all posts there (only song and lyric though), it's just sound weird for me. I clicked one entitled Somebody to Love which I guessed is Justin Bieber's. Yeah, it was his. But the singer is completely different. I thought it was just ordinary song cover. Check it here!

Have you heard it? Surprised? I'm not lying. I got very interested on the singer, Darren Espanto's voice. Who is this guy, why doesn't he widely known? And I typed his name on my search engine bar. Lotta things came up and I saw one from Youtube channel. I clicked that, and watch some of his videos. Man, that was cool. That was cool, despite his music video with him dancing and it just felt awkward for me, I really LOVE his voice! His voice OMG his voice! You should listen when he sing Domino!

Later I found that he had joined The Voice of Phillipines--a reality singing competition on Phillipine. My, he was awesome with his vibration and power. And he has cute face!
I read the comments under the video on Youtube--though I don't understand any single word of Tagalog (Phillipines' mother language), I know that he has many fans and supporters. Out of topic? Erm, sorry. And I apologize, too, if this post is outdated--I just have know it by now :v

Then in the reccomended list I saw the name Lyca Gairanod, another contestant (and winner) of The Voice of Phillipines. I haven't told you, Darren Espanto is 13 years old. And this Lyca, is 10 years old. You know what, the way she sang is terribly awesome. She got power control and vibration like Jessie J, maybe (forget Jessie's alto, Lyca is more like soprano). That "khh" like growling that often found on someone singing high pitch with improvisation, I found it on her. For further information on their profile just go on for here for Darren and here for Lyca. I don't want to explain like their profile, I just want to introduce and show how they really amazed me.

Along with Sarah Geronimo (Phillipine singer, her voice--WOW!), Darren sing Jessie J's Bang Bang and it was amusing!

What I want to say here is I never thought that there will be people after Charice from Phillipine who got incredible talents on singing. I'm sorry Phillipine, I don't mean to underestimating but I just don't know. Now I know, and well, as part of Southeast Asia, I really proud! I hope we developing countries could move forward and getting better and better on all sector, especially entertainment industry. I found that the voice quality could compete with those from developed country maybe like USA who got tons of singer. Never let the youth talents buried, let everbody knows. We should give the young opportunity as many as we can to let them show what they could do, put courage and confidence because the future of this world lies within them.

"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends."
-- Mary McLeod Bethune

The quote above may went off the track of this post, but I want to make sure that young should be the change. And these two people are just a slight example from so many unrevealed talents our youngsters have. Don't judge the young for being rebel or reckless or naive yet unwise. Their age is for new things and new thoughts. Give them a chance. Trust them, and if they failed, encourage them.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

[Read & Review]The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (Katherine Howe)

Yahooooo! Hih udah lama banget sejak posting terakhir tentang review buku. Akhir-akhir ini lebih hobi baca komik online daripada novel sih :v
Karena di Jogja perpustakaannya enggak selengkap perpustakaan kota lama saya, novel ini terbeli bermodal, biasanya sih pinjam gratis lah :3

Eh seriusan, saya nggak bermaksud menghina menyindir atau apapun, tapi perpustakaan kota Jogja itu satu-satunya? Bangunan baru bukan ya? Jujur saya merasa tidak puas karena perpustakaan ini levelnya bukan kota lagi tapi perpustakaan provinsi, namun koleksinya tidak sesuai yang saya harapkan. Mohon maaf kalau misalnya perpustakaan ini bangunan baru dan sedang dalam tahap pengoleksian buku, karena saya kurang tahu. Mohon gubernur perhatiannya pada perpustakaan :) Jogja 'kan kota pelajar, dan buku yang notabene merepresentasikan sesuatu yang terpelajar seharusnya tersedia. Yah walaupun seluruh kampus dan sekolah di seluruh provinsi DIY memiliki perpustakaannya masing-masing, tetap diperlukan perpustakaan umum yang bisa diakses publik yang "haus" akan bacaan berbobot (ecieh berbobot :v).

Ok back to the topic, awalnya saya nggak bermaksud membeli novel ini, tapi berhubung diskon besar-besaran akhirnya saya membelinya seharga 15.000 saja :v
Sinopsis di cover belakangnya menarik, tema yang diambil mengenai penyihir, ditambah kenyataan bahwa buku ini merupakan New York Times Bestseller, salah satu dari Top Ten Books 2009 versi USA Today cukup membuat saya tergiur untuk membacanya (di samping harga diskon bantingannya :v).

Saya membaca... hurufnya kecil-kecil dan teksnya padat dengan narasi yang detil terhadap penggambaran suasana membuat saya bosan, dan akhirnya buku ini baru terselesaikan empat bulan sejak pembelian -_-
Jujur saja bagi saya bab-bab awal membuat saya cepat mengantuk dan menjadikan buku ini pengantar tidur. Dari total 22 bab, saya baru bersemangat membaca ketika cerita mulai menarik perhatian saya di bab 13 (jauh banget!). Sejak itu terasa suasana mencekam, mendebarkan, thrilling yang memuncak di bab akhir. Bukan novel horor sih, tapi thrill yang saya rasakan jelas bukan yang biasanya ada di novel-novel detektif Agatha Christie atau Sherlock Holmes. Ada bagian keterangan tambahan dari sang penulis Katherine Howe mengenai fakta-fakta penyihir yang diketahuinya dan bahwa ia sendiri merupakan keturunan kesekian dari wanita yang disidang hukuman mati sebagai penyihir di Salem. Novel ini bukan berdasarkan kisah nyata, namun ada bagian-bagian yang diambil dari kisah nyata. Bukan tipe novel penyihir kayak Harry Potter lho :v

Ada dua bagian dari gaya penceritaan novel ini, yang satu menceritakan kehidupan Connie Goodwin, mahasiswi pascasarjana Sejarah Kolonial Harvard dalam penelitian disertasinya yang berjalan maju, dan flashback kehidupan Deliverance Dane dan keturunan-keturunannya. Cerita utamanya ada pada penelitian Connie Goodwin. Pada setiap bab terdapat bagian dari bab tersebut yang diberi judul "Jeda" yang menceritakan kehidupan Deliverance Dane.

Penelitian disertasi Connie terpaksa dilakukan di rumah tua milik neneknya di Marblehead, Massachussets yang atas permintaan ibunya yang nyentrik harus dibersihkan dan diperbaiki agar layak dijual. Rumah tua beserta benda-benda tuanya selalu menyimpan misteri. Connie menemukan kunci antik di dalam Alkitab tua di antara buku-buku lapuk pada koleksi neneknya beserta sepotong perkamen bertuliskan Deliverance Dane--sebuah nama yang cukup unik. Usaha Connie untuk mencari tahu tentang Deliverance Dane ini membawanya bertemu sepotong romansa dengan pemuda tukang cat kubah gereja. Penelitian disertasi membuat Connie memutuskan untuk menemukan artefak milik Deliverance beserta masa lalu yang mengerikan, betapa pengadilan penyihir di Salem akibat paksaan dan dakwaan sosial karena ketakutan-ketakutan yang tidak masuk akal membuat wanita-wanita tidak bersalah mengakhiri hidupnya dalam ketidakadilan.

Mau membacanya atau tidak, saya serahkan pada Anda. Buat saya agak sulit memahami percakapannya, punya arti-arti tersirat :v Saya pribadi menemukan buku ini menarik setelah membaca separo lebih, membuat saya bertanya-tanya betapa manusia bisa menimpakan kesalahan pada orang lain demikian mudah, padahal sudah banyak kebaikan yang diperbuat orang tersebut. Setetes tinta merusak susu sebelanga, walaupun peribahasanya kurang tepat dipakai di sini, namun itulah yang terpikir oleh saya.
Satu perbuatan jahat dapat melenyapkan seribu kebaikan yang telah diperbuat. Tidak peduli Anda sudah banyak berbuat baik, menolong banyak orang, namun satu kesalahan membuat dapat membuat semua kebaikan tersebut terlupakan. Itulah yang terjadi di masyarakat lampau maupun modern, sekarang pun masih terjadi. Banyak, malah. Ada banyak pesan moral terselubung dalam novel ini, salah satunya adalah bahwa kehormatan bisa takluk di depan ambisi dan nama baik remuk akibat kecerobohan. Manusia-manusia yang saling menyalahkan, mencari kambing hitam agar mereka sendiri terlindungi, menimpakan kesalahan saat terdesak pada siapapun yang memiliki celah sekali pun orang tersebut telah menyelamatkan mereka.

Mungkin buku ini bisa membuat Anda berpikir ulang mengenai ilmu sihir yang selalu mendapat respons negatif, padahal orang-orang yang terlahir dengan bakat bawaan tersebut tidak bersalah.

"Hanya karena kamu tidak percaya, bukan berarti itu tidak nyata."
-Penjaga Toko Barang-barang Sihir

"Aku percaya bahwa tidak ada hal di dunia ini atau di dunia selanjutnya yang bukan merupakan pekerjaan Tuhan."
-Deliverance Dane

"Semoga Tuhan Yang Mahakuasa dan Pemurah memaafkan mereka karena mereka tahu apa yang mereka perbuat."
-Rebecca Nurse

"Jiwaku yang kekal milik Tuhan, untuk diperlakukan sesuai kehendak-Nya. Kalau aku diselamatkan, itu berkat karunia-Nya belaka."
-Deliverance Dane

Ada lagi yang lainnya tapi jujur saya terlalu ngantuk untuk bisa mengingatnya, temukan sendiri yaa :3