Saturday, March 7, 2015

Phillipines Little Stars : Darren Espanto & Lyca Gairanod

Hi, it's almost a month since my latest post. Actually I have tons of things to be shared here in my dearly blog but I'm still choosing and considering what will I post next, but something I found about an hour ago really driving me in such passionate way to introduce you two children blessed with angel voice.

You may have guessed, maybe the blog owner wants to introduce her own country's talents--showing off--but I tell you that it is a big NO. These angel-voiced children don't belong to my country. They belong to my north neighbor country, the Phillipines. Darren Espanto and Lyca Gairanod, I really fall for you guys!

Lyca Trophy From PMPC.jpg
Lyca Gairanod
Darren Espanto
Wondering who are they? Before telling that, I would like to tell you about my accidental discovery of them.

About 12 pm the day before, I wanted to download Sistar's Hyorin Hello song. from the Korean drama My Love From Another Star (I just reached episode 16) and decided to download it.

I found it on a web along with the lyric. In order to find other new song, maybe, because I'm so lack of update to news and music. There are many weird titles on the web. I don't recognize the language used on most of all posts there (only song and lyric though), it's just sound weird for me. I clicked one entitled Somebody to Love which I guessed is Justin Bieber's. Yeah, it was his. But the singer is completely different. I thought it was just ordinary song cover. Check it here!

Have you heard it? Surprised? I'm not lying. I got very interested on the singer, Darren Espanto's voice. Who is this guy, why doesn't he widely known? And I typed his name on my search engine bar. Lotta things came up and I saw one from Youtube channel. I clicked that, and watch some of his videos. Man, that was cool. That was cool, despite his music video with him dancing and it just felt awkward for me, I really LOVE his voice! His voice OMG his voice! You should listen when he sing Domino!

Later I found that he had joined The Voice of Phillipines--a reality singing competition on Phillipine. My, he was awesome with his vibration and power. And he has cute face!
I read the comments under the video on Youtube--though I don't understand any single word of Tagalog (Phillipines' mother language), I know that he has many fans and supporters. Out of topic? Erm, sorry. And I apologize, too, if this post is outdated--I just have know it by now :v

Then in the reccomended list I saw the name Lyca Gairanod, another contestant (and winner) of The Voice of Phillipines. I haven't told you, Darren Espanto is 13 years old. And this Lyca, is 10 years old. You know what, the way she sang is terribly awesome. She got power control and vibration like Jessie J, maybe (forget Jessie's alto, Lyca is more like soprano). That "khh" like growling that often found on someone singing high pitch with improvisation, I found it on her. For further information on their profile just go on for here for Darren and here for Lyca. I don't want to explain like their profile, I just want to introduce and show how they really amazed me.

Along with Sarah Geronimo (Phillipine singer, her voice--WOW!), Darren sing Jessie J's Bang Bang and it was amusing!

What I want to say here is I never thought that there will be people after Charice from Phillipine who got incredible talents on singing. I'm sorry Phillipine, I don't mean to underestimating but I just don't know. Now I know, and well, as part of Southeast Asia, I really proud! I hope we developing countries could move forward and getting better and better on all sector, especially entertainment industry. I found that the voice quality could compete with those from developed country maybe like USA who got tons of singer. Never let the youth talents buried, let everbody knows. We should give the young opportunity as many as we can to let them show what they could do, put courage and confidence because the future of this world lies within them.

"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends."
-- Mary McLeod Bethune

The quote above may went off the track of this post, but I want to make sure that young should be the change. And these two people are just a slight example from so many unrevealed talents our youngsters have. Don't judge the young for being rebel or reckless or naive yet unwise. Their age is for new things and new thoughts. Give them a chance. Trust them, and if they failed, encourage them.