Monday, April 13, 2015

I thought it were mere dreams...
Have you been dreaming bad dreams? My friends said dreams are just dreams, they are just a decoration for our deep sleep. I always thought so, and every time people around me told me that they're having bad dreams, I told them it just mere dreams. Not a single meaning at all. I don't really believe in dream exegesis or something like that, but some of them are true.

I rarely have bad dream, almost all of my dreams are weird. Really weird. Mostly I could recall it just until I went to the bathroom, but if it were weird enough, I could recall it until next week. I once dreamed about Hogwarts, me and my friends were part of it, studying there. I know Harry Potter, but then came Aang from Nickelodeons' Avatar Legend of Aang, then Zuko appeared, followed by Spiderman. What is the meaning of that? I don't care. I still believe that dream were just dream until yesterday.

Yesterday I dreamed about Beelzebub characters. You know Beelzebub? It is a very popular manga in Japan, you may check it in every online manga provider. Yeah, I will go on pretending you know about the characters ._.

This is what happened in my dream : so there was a baby satan named Beelzebub, but he's cute in appearance yet very strong. He jumped in a big hole like a gate to hell then the main character, Oga Takumi, played as Beelzebub's stepfather, tried to catch him. He jumped as well too. Then there was a running scene in a long, tight, dark corridor, Oga tried to catch Beelzebub but he failed. Then suddenly there was a door, like jail door. Beelzebub turned to a girl I know, she's cute and innocent, yet a bit airhead, and she is a primadonna in campus. Not like I hate her or envy her or something, I was the first one recognized her beauty (for real). We are in the same organization and I found her nice. We go to the church together often, but I don't really close to her, let's just call her Nate. The Oga Takumi turned into me. 

We ran through the door and suddenly, very very sudden, appear into a park of an university near my house in my hometown. We ran like we're being chased by bunch if hungry tigers, lions, and crocodiles. But it was my father. We are running away from my father. I don't know why, but he tried to chase us. He looked very angry. I never wanted to see him mad even in my ugliest dream. He almost get us---and I woke up. Strange, isn't it?

I have a mid-semester exam that day. My friend said it was an "open-book" test, so he wanted to borrow my notes. I don't mind, I still have my hand book, I let him borrow it. Then I asked my test room invigilator whether it is an open-book test or not. He asked me if I had dream or not today, I said no, I lied I know. He said I must been having one, because it really is an open-book test. I'm so glad I brought my hand book. Nate didn't bring the book, she cried when the test over. Is it just a coincidence? I don't know...

Today my mom texted me, asking if my mid exam going well or not. Well, I've done it properly as far as I can, but it could still missed sometimes. I asked if the family there okay, she said my dad once sick because he had to prepare for his promotion on one assurance company (if he failed we have to pay 5 million, if he succeed, we got 20 million per month). What a sick gamble though, but that was his choice so I only could support and pray for him.

Okay then, I dreamed about Nate and dad in a very strange dream without any correlation, but both of them face problem the day after it. Mom said that it prove I have strong bond with family, but with Nate? Well, forget it. Maybe it just mere dreams...