Sunday, September 6, 2015

How IT Evolution Freak Me Out, Honestly

Hi there! It's been a very, very long time since my last post here. Honestly, these last 5 months (since April, my latest post) have been busy, hectic which inspired me with many things and stories I really want to share here beside this one, but once I read about the changes of one internet giant, I think I should pay attention for that. Please, forgive my bad English, I'm still learning :D

So, how would you describe internet nowadays? Amazing, huh? I remembered my first time engaged with a tv-like shape (I didn't even know CPU was the 'real' brain, not the monitor) called computer. I was in my fourth or fifth grade of elementary school when my mom decided to buy it. Even my dad didn't have the idea how it works (believe me). Then I was the one who tinkering with it every time I had the chance, broke it countless times with many causes like overheating fan, incompatible RAM, broken motherboard. I don't even remember how many times it got to re-installed its system.

The first time I use internet was to play a free, flash-based online game. I didn't know anything else. Now I use internet to search for everything, like, everything. Find a place, a route, a phone number, a term, article, news, entertainment, etc. People know internet as they know lamp. I mean, no one will ever know internet in a place electricity doesn't exist. I took internet as an example to represent IT evolution. Information technology sure is a scary thing, in my opinion, it rules the world.
The next step of internet evolution. Taken from
Life is getting more and more dependent on technology. See, the picture above tells it. First we only use internet for communication, then it went to information and entertainment, developed to online services, social media which could be called second life, and now, it developed further to help controlling things. I could said that this is the evidence of another form of human evolution. How to say it, it amazes me, yet freak me out. Are we on the right track? Things like this hardly consider whether it's right or not, they just evolve from henceforth, and you can't stop it. Change, modification, development, derivative. You get what I mean?

People had already founded 3D printing machine. Well, now it maybe could only print small-sized stuffs for handycrafting or miniatures, but what if someday we could print M16, M1 rocket launcher/bazooka, even nuclear bomb with it? I just tried to predict the worst.
I think it's just the matter of time to wait for someone finally invented the future-thingy we saw in movies or read in books, maybe the AI-based robot, and the Doraemon stuffs. I just hope we won't end like those we saw in Wall-E, though they found new hope at last -______________-
Human are never satisfied. It goes on me, too.

I'm not ready for having micro memory card planted on my head so other people with supercomputer could see what I see, read my memories and thoughts, control my movements and have the information of my whole body even the blood flowing on my vessels.
I don't know, maybe it just me that couldn't follow the way it goes so fast while my thoughts still trying to get a grasp of where it may become. Maybe it just my lack of information that drives me scared. I'm not prepared yet to face the new era of men, which furtively begin.
Are you ready?