Monday, June 27, 2016

[Profile] Kana Nishino

Oh how I love Kana Nishino! She deserves it! <3
I don't particularly idolize singer or band or genre when it comes to music, I just listen to whatever lovely and nice to hear~ catchy lyric and meaning have effects on me (because I don't understand music genre, technique, and stuff like that ._.)
One day, I happened to hear one of her catchy song, Esperanza. First impression? Wow. I mean, it makes you want to dance! It's rare for me to find this kind of song on Japanese pop (J-pop). I googled for this song who instantly was my favourite for about two weeks (I repeated it again and again until I got bored, temporary). Esperanza means "hope" in Spanish. And who knows that this song is about a jealous girl who wants to replace a man's current lover, sweet!

Kana Nishino, for her single "if"
From what I read, Kana Nishino was born as Nishino Kanako on March 18, 1989. She is a solo singer and songwriter. She dream to be a singer started from junior high school.When she was 16 her mother secretly sent a demo tape of hers to the "Miss Phoenix Audition", and she was rated the top singer entrant out of approximately 40,000 applicants. A year later in 2006, she was signed to SME Records and started vocals training.

All of her songs have romantic relationship meaning and I love it very much (maybe because most of all lyrics took from a woman's perspective lol).

I have to admit, it's rare for me to know Japanese female singer that succeed both songwriting and singing. Those maybe the reasons why CNN said she's the most favourite singer among Shibuya teenage girls. She have this cute looks and slender appearance, which makes her lovable and probably very popular among guys, too.

Below is Kana Nishino's album and single list:
Studio Albums
• [2009] LOVE one.
• [2010] to LOVE
• [2011] Thank you, Love
• [2012] Love Place
• [2014] with LOVE
• [2016] Just LOVE
Best Albums
• [2013] Love Collection ~pink~
• [2013] Love Collection ~mint~
• [2015] Secret Collection ~RED~ (Coupling Best)
• [2015] Secret Collection ~GREEN~ (Coupling Best)
Box Sets
• [2013] Best Album "Love Collection ~pink~" & "Love Collection ~mint~" (ベストアルバム 「Love Collection 〜pink〜」「Love Collection 〜mint〜」)
• [2008] I
• [2008] glowly days
• [2008] Style (OST Soul Eater Ending 2)
• [2009] MAKE UP
• [2009] Tookutemo feat. WISE (遠くても; The Most Distant)
• [2009] Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara (君に会いたくなるから; Because I've Grown to Miss You)
• [2009] Motto... (もっと...; More...)
• [2009] Dear... / MAYBE
• [2010] Best Friend
• [2010] Aitakute Aitakute (会いたくて 会いたくて; I Want To See You, I Want To See You)
• [2010] if (OST Naruto Shippuden the Movie 4 "the Lost Tower)
• [2010] Kimi tte (君って; You)
• [2011] Distance
• [2011] Esperanza
• [2011] Tatoe Donna ni... (たとえ どんなに...; No Matter How...)
• [2012] SAKURA, I love you?
• [2012] Watashitachi (私たち; Us)
• [2012] GO FOR IT!!
• [2012] Always
• [2013] Believe
• [2013] Namidairo (涙色; Color of Tears)
• [2013] Sayonara (さよなら; Goodbye)
• [2014] We Don't Stop
• [2014] Darling
• [2014] Suki (好き, Love)
• [2015] Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara (もしも運命の人がいるのなら; If I Had a Soulmate)
• [2015] Torisetsu (トリセツ; Instruction Manual)
• [2016] Anata no Suki na Tokoro (あなたの好きなところ; Your Favorite Places)
Digital Singles
• [2007] I ~Merry Christmas ver.~
• [2008] I don't wanna know
• [2016] You & Me
• [2008] I ~SiZK "Water Drop" MiX~

I can't call myself as big or dedicated fan since I only know few of her songs, but as far I like all of her songs that I happened to hear. My favourite is her single Dear (try the male version~), followed by Missing You, Wishing, If, and Always. I have to admit, I cried when I listened to Missing You which used in this fanmade anime video (based on animated film 5 cm per Second by Makoto Shinkai, later adapted to novel and manga). Can't help it you know, here's the translated part which I like (and broke my heart everytime):
We flirt and kiss
And fight over stupid things
But where's love?
I understood for the first time
That I had nowhere to go home to
(I just wanna stay by your side, again)
Even when I take a new breath
Even when I erase your messages
Even when I try to laugh...I can't go on
Nothing changes
(I don't know what to do)
I can still feel you
In my looks, in my fingers
On my lips, in my heart
At that place, in that song
If I could (I'll sing for you)
Go back again (I'll stay here for you)
I could be kinder (I wanna give you all my love)
To you than anyone, but we'd still say goodbye
God, this song is forbidden to anyone who's just break up, divorced, or brokenhearted, and in the way of moving forward from all of those. If you're one (no offense), I'm sorry that I made you read this. Just close the tab and forget what you just read ._.
And thaaat's it~ I think I expressed my love for Kana Nishino enough, still looking forward to download all of her albums :D
Are you a fan of her, too? If you're looking for Japanese female pop and R&B singer, I reccomend her :)
She is lovely!