Monday, June 20, 2016

[Re-read] YuYu Hakusho: Nah, that's what is called love

It's just four months since my last post, but truly felt like a centuries ago. Many things had happened in our life, isn't it? Things are going pretty well for some people, or just getting worse, or remain stable. Whatever, none of my business haha :v

Yesterday, I finished re-read old manga from my childhood, Yu Yu Hakusho. Ever heard of it? If you're a fan of manga in action, adventure, comedy, and supernatural genres, you should check this out. It's really good. I don't know how many times I re-read it, even though I already know everything in the storyline--who do this who do that why and how and how it ends--it's still fun and interesting. Still, I finally understand on plotlines and conversations that I didn't back then. Now I want to watch the anime, gonna spend my holiday for it (lol). My favorite character is the main hero, Yusuke Urameshi. I found myself envy him at some points haha~ A carefree behavior, yet he totally understand what's most important in this life. Man, talk about personality. He's indeed charismatic~

Anyway, that's not my underlined topic on this writing. A little spoiler for you who haven't read the manga, Yusuke had his love interest and childhood friend, Keiko Yukimura. I personally love their romance! It's not the usual romantic approach like protecting and sweet talks and blah. They don't need words, give me a feeling like a long-married couple <3
Here's one scene that successfully made me falling for this couple:
YuYu Hakusho Page 166 Volume 17, VIZ Edition. Yusuke told Keiko he's a demon.
More spoilers to give better understanding: Yusuke found himself a throwback from his upper S-class demon ancestor who turned out immeasurably powerful as a battle god, instead of his old 14 years old strongest delinquent in junior high school. He told Keiko, and things turned to the lowest left panel. Ain't that sweet. And the first thing that popped out in my mind,"Ah, that's called love."

Well, I'm no one when it comes to stuff like this, there are lots of description of that kind of feeling, I'm sure everyone has their own way. And love does come in many form.
Later in the few pages after the page above, Yusuke said he will be leaving to demon world, then Keiko dumped him, in a way I never had imagined, very casual. He then visited her house.
Yusuke : So I'll be back in three years. I promise. And when I do...
Keiko : Yeah..?
YuYu Hakusho Page 182 Volume 17 VIZ Edition. Yusuke propose Keiko.
 Oh my goodness, I barely breathing on this scene. They are sooo cuuutee >___<
YuYu Hakusho Page 183 Volume 17 VIZ Edition. Yusuke and Keiko confessed their feelings, finally.
Please notice the dialogue bubble on Keiko's mother: He used to propose whenever they got in a fight. Now that's sweet, darlin'. They never be, say, in an "official" lover relationship, and finally after 17 volumes I got to know they confessed to each other *cries* Still got the feels though I finished my XXth re-read on three years ago. They are still 16 that time~~
Thanks a lot for this heartwarming scenes, Togashi-sensei!

Nah, that. I hope it sweeten your day as it did to mine. Go find little happiness like that, huh? Have a nice day!